Thursday, October 3, 2013

3 Wonderful Years Together

This week was Hubby and I's 3 year anniversary. In the last 3 years we have moved across the country twice, got a fur baby, and had our Little Man. It seems like these 3 years have flown by, yet our wedding seems so long ago. 

Hubby took me out Tuesday night to celebrate 3 years of our growing love for one-another. He surprised me with this beautiful set of pearl earrings and necklace. Apparently the 3rd year anniversary is the "pearl" year. He picked out this amazing set. It was the first time he has given me jewelry without me knowing/picking it out myself (I even picked out my own engagement ring). I am shocked how awesome he did.
He also gave me the sweetest card, it says:
"So there's this guy.
Meets a girl.
(Great girl. REALLY GREAT girl.)
Somehow wins her over
and convinces her to marry him.
It's a HAPPY day.
One of the happiest of his life. 
But the BEST thing is-
the happy days keep coming. 
Week after week.
Year after year. 
And even when life isn't
perfect and wonderful,
somehow she makes it better.
Just by being herself.
Just by loving him like she does.
And one day, it hits him.
That whole happily-ever-after thing?
Maybe it's not just for fairy tales.
Maybe it does happen-
even to average guys like him.
He may not own a white horse,
but he got the girl. 
The BEST girl.
And somewhere out there, 
there's a sunset
with their name on it. 
I love our story
and I Love You. "

AHHH it just melted my heart. 

We started the night at Bonefish Grill where we had an amazing dinner topped off with complementary chocolate covered strawberries. Next we stopped off at Coco Dulce and sampled some chocolate and coffee. It was so good to get some quality time together and just relax. Next we went to a move that  ended up being terrible so we walked out and got a refund. We ended the night stopping off at Wal-Mart so I could pick up some allergy medication since I was starting to feel really awful.
Our chocolate covered strawberries

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