Saturday, June 22, 2013

Friday's Top Five

Another week has passed, and it has been a busy one. We had a play-date with Little Man's cousin, went swimming, took a trip to Oklahoma, and more. Hubby has been away this week at church camp, and Poppy (my dad) was away on business too. So Little Man has been the Man-of-the-House this week. Can you say SPOILED??

Our trip to Oklahoma took longer than expected so my Friday Highlights turned into Saturday ones. 

 Here's this weeks photo-recap:

1. My sunburn from swimming. Little Man was totally covered but I forgot to do myself.
2. Good morning smiles.
3. Pouty face while at Botanica. We were playing "pass the baby" and he wasn't a fan.
4. We took a spur-of-the-moment (aka it took us 4 hours to actually get ready and leave) trip to see Hubby while he was away at church camp. We made a pallet bed on the floor, Little Man loved it.
5. Play date with cousin Blaiden (1 month old).

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