Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday's Top Five

Friday is here again!! It seems like the weekend should be over already since we just spent 2 nights at the lake and had an awesome July 4th, but we still get 2 whole more days with Hubby before he goes back to work.

1. Walked around Downtown Wichita, had to do a pit stop on the bench for a diaper change
2. We have been working on the teen room at our new church, Little Man came to "help"
3. Little Man looking festive in his Fourth of July outfit
4. The best s'mores ever!! Toasted Marshmallow paired with Thanks-a-Lot Girl Scout Cookies
5. Little Man and I at the lake. He was pretty cranky so he didn't enjoy it very much, but I sure did

Hope you had a good holiday with your families.

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