Friday, August 16, 2013

4 Month Favorites

4 Months??? How can it be already? It was harder to think of my favorite things this month because I didn't introduce many new things. But I guess these are what I came up with.

1.Baby Einstein DVD Collection-I got this as a gift from one of my showers. I don't want Little Man to grow up watching TV constantly, but low and behold he has figured out what it is. I do however put these in when I need to get something done around the house. For example I put him in the swing, put in the movie and then take a shower. I know that these aren't going to corrupt his mind like Sponge Bob or other crap on TV and the music is soothing to him.
2.Baby Einstein Musical Motion 2-in-1 Stationary Jumper & Entertainer
- I pulled this out a few weeks ago and from the moment I put him in it he has been in love. He's still a little short for it, only one big toe can touch the floor, but he has figured out how to play with the keyboard and he loves the rolling ball. He will sit in there and just giggle for 30 or so minutes at a time.
3. Peg-Pergo Stroller- So this stroller is expensive! I am not a stroller snob I promise, I was given this by a friend since she no longer used it. I love how it folds up so small. Only down side, it's sometimes difficult to fold and it weighs more than I would like. I do love however that the cover goes all the way over so the baby won't get wet in the rain, and that it reclines all the way back so he can sleep in it. It also has a 5 point strap and cup holder for both baby and mama.
4.Bright Starts Take Along Carrier Toy Bar- I got this at a consignment sale for about $3 the other day. I disinfected it and attached it to his car seat. Now when we travel I hear music and rattling in the back seat because he is playing by himself.
5. Baby Lullabies Popular Music Collection- Hubby and I use Spotify (a website where you pay a monthly fee and you can listen and download all the music you like) and I found this album on there. We used it during our road trip to Branson last week and it was a success. The lullabies calm a screaming baby, but they use popular songs so that Mommy and Daddy can enjoy too. There are songs such by Lady Gaga, The Fray, Coldplay and more. We enjoyed playing a game where we tried to guess what song was playing, then continued to sing along once we figured it out. You can buy it on Amazon for $8.99 by clicking on the link

Hope this was helpful information.

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