Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What are the Mommy and the Minister up too?

I have a confession....Lately I have not felt the blogging bug. I have continued to post our regular updates and a few other posts, but I have not really had the urge to write any posts. I hope once life slows back down that will change but in the mean time, just bare with me.

In the beginning of the year I  talked about getting a new job. I became a part-time assistant to a local event planner. Unfortunately, she has not been as busy as projected and she can no longer afford to have me on staff. I'll be honest, I was really sad. I love event planning, and for the 2 months I worked for her I loved it! Hopefully another door will open for me in that field in the future, I am leaving it in God's hands.

But in good news Hubby and I have put in an offer on a new house and it has been accepted!!! Pending inspection we should be closing around the end of April. We are just so excited. After living with my parents for the last year, we are ready to have our own space. I'm so excited thinking about the house that Little Man will spend his early childhood. We have big plans to make an awesome outdoor space for entertaining and a playset for Little Man to play on. Please keep us in prayers as we venture into homeowner-ship. (If you follow me on Pinterest you can see all of the great ideas I have planned for our new home.)

I have made some really great friends since we moved back a year ago and I am having so much fun getting to know each of them more. My friend and I decided to take on freezer meals. In theory this was a fabulous idea. What we didn't think about is 4 kids + 2 hours at Sam's = total chaos and we really underestimated the time it would take make all of these meals. But at the end of the day we ended up with 46 meals for 2 all around $225 each (we spent $450 but made 92 meals that feed 2 people), which comes out to under $5 per meal. Now you have to add sides to that but the main entree is taken care of. Most of them are crockpot ready  and can be put in frozen. Seriously this has been amazing. I don't have to plan out our meals a week in advance and I also no longer have to call Hubby on his way home to stop by the store to pick something up that I don't have. I have actually forgot to pull something out or put it in the crockpot in the morning so I let it soak in hot water in the sink and it was ready in just a few minutes to put in the oven.
We decided to make presized meals for 2 by dividing each recipe  in half and putting those ingredients in a bag. Most of the recipes we quadrupled and then divided so we actually go 8 portions out of each recipe.  You could portion yours to feed the whole family but we split it up because she has picky eaters so she is only cooking for 2 and when I'm cooking for Hubby and my parents I just cook 2 together. When we move out my parents and I will split the remainders of the meals so we are each cooking for 2. I think we are planning to do it again in a few months, but this time we will learn from our mistakes, like pre-seal all of the freezer bags (we used a vacuum sealer) and to not brown all of the meat at the same time because 1. Its hard to stir 10 pounds of meat 2. It just sat until we could get to that particular meal.

I hope to spend the rest of the month getting ready to move out and get the summer ready for Hubby's youth group. He is going to be very busy this summer with 3 camps and tons of other activities. Hopefully I will get my blogging bug back, but I promise to keep up with the updates, and also to post about Little Man's big birthday party in a few weeks!

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