Tuesday, November 13, 2012

19 Weeks Update

19 Weeks Update
Well we found out this week that we are having a little baby BOY!!!!
We are so excited, but also a little nervous. I have baby sat, and nannied my fair share of girls, but never any boys so this will be some new territory. Luckily his mom raised 4 boys so she can give some assistance when needed.
Our little boy was being difficult and positioned himself butt out instead of belly out, but our technician was able to find a well enough view to see those little boy parts (he was being a pain in the butt-pun intended).
Dev is so excited that he has already gone shopping on his own and picked out a few clearance items (and actually did a great job, I was a little worried about what he would pick out). So baby boy has a growing wardrobe and I'm a little envious of the adorable pants with the monkey on the booty :).
Also, I FINALLY felt him move 2 nights ago. He was positioned like I said, with the but out so he was kicking into my stomach instead of out and therefore I couldn't feel anything. But now he has turned with back in the air and legs pointed down and I can feel him kick and his heartbeat when I lay really still. He still doesn't kick hard enough for me to feel it during the day, but maybe that means he will be a calm child-HAHA one can only dream right? Oh well, we are excited to meet him either way!

Weekly Stats:
How far along are you: 19 and a half weeks
Baby is the size of a: Heirloom Tomato
Total weight loss/weight gain: Gained 1 pound but still less than when I became pregnant
The bump: It gets bigger everyday, and most of the time I forget about it till I look down, or realize I can't bend a certain way anymore.
Symptoms: No more just back to being me!
Food cravings: Coca Cola
Anything make you queasy: Smell of old food in the fridge, we stocked up on those baking soda fridge things.
Sleep: Pretty good but have some weird dreams
What do you miss: My energy
Any names: We have a name for now but aren't 100% on it just yet. Not ready to announce 
Gender prediction: I was wrong, it was a boy!
Movement: Felt him kick for the first time!!
Maternity clothes: Oh yeah, or using a hair tie to hold my old jeans up (haha)
Labor signs: WAY Too soon!
Best moment of the week: Feeling baby move, he was starting to make me worry


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  1. You look so cute with your baby bump:)
    Cant believe its a boy. I guess Devin broke the streak of the boys having girls. O well first one is a boy so he can be the protective big brother when you have a girl on the next go around. I bet your parents are super excited for a boy! Dont worry were a boy strong family so just ask mom or Steph about raising boys. Look at it this way boys are easier and cheaper to raise so youve got that going:) Maybe hell be born on Devins bday. That also runs in our family. Monte was born on his dads bday and Sean was born on mine. Hope all continues to go well and I cant wait to meet my new nephew(we'll just drop the great part out of that;)
    Love u all..xo