Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Counting My Blessings

I love this quote, because today I am counting my blessings. I don't do it often enough and I am need to remember to take the time to look at how many blessings God has provided me. 

I am blessed with a wonderful husband who loves me unconditionally and still thinks my post-baby-body is sexy. I am blessed with the best baby boy I could ever ask for. He smiles when I walk into the room, and pierces sunshine through my soul when I see that little face.  I am blessed with a supportive family who would do anything for us. I am blessed with parents who gave up their privacy to provide my family with a roof. I am blessed with a church family who cares for us and is encouraging. I am blessed with childhood friends who's friendship continues to grow and mature. I am blessed with new friends to help ease the load of the stress that comes with motherhood. I am blessed with the ability to purchase a new car when the old one goes out. I am blessed with the love and grace that God provides me on a daily basis. 

I need to be reminded of these blessings everyday. Yesterday I was reminded when we traded in my rundown car with no working AC to get a new (to us) car that will fit our family and our future family. I hope that in the future it won't take a large purchase for me to look up and thank God for all of the things he has provided and blessed my family with. 

I hope that today you decide to count your blessings instead of calories.

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