Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mom's Night Out

Friday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. It started off by not being able to shower until 3pm because our sewer line was messed up in the new house and there were plumbers here tearing up a huge hole in my new back yard (luckily we haven't planted grass yet). I spent numerous phone conversations trying to explain to the contractor that our tub doesn't drain properly and that the sewer water has seeped into our downstairs bathroom and got the carpet all wet. PS who puts carpet in a bathroom? ...just saying. I dropped my glasses in the toilet while trying to put in my contacts, then proceeded to lose one of said contacts and therefore had to wear toilet glasses for the rest of the day. My son has entered this new phase where he just likes to scream. Some are short burst, some are long and drawn out, some because he is happy and some because he is mad. Oh but don't forget about the ones he does just for fun.

I tell you this not to complain (well kinda, don't we all just need to vent some times), but to tell you the happy ending. My husband let me off the hook for the rest of the night. He helped me take care of the baby, got me Chinese take-out and I got to just chill and let go of the day. Then Saturday night I got what I really needed, no not a foot rub, but some nourishment for my soul.

My mom, and grandma went to see a movie called "Mom's Night Out" starring Sarah Drew and Patricia Heaton. In the movie three moms who just need a night for themselves decide to go out for some fun. During their girl's night they run into some interesting characters and get into some rather unrealistic trouble. But in the end they all reaffirm themselves as moms.
I could relate to all three characters, Allyson, the mom who constantly feels out of control, Sondra, the preacher's wife who feels she needs to be perfect in everyone's eyes, and Izzy, the one who is constantly reminding her husband that he won't kill the kids in the 3 mins he is watching them. I have felt all of these things in the past year of Motherhood. Some more than others (Hubby is such a great dad, don't take me wrong, but those first few months there was a lot of reassuring) but it is a constant struggle to remind myself just as Allyson learns in the movie, that God made me his masterpiece. I am perfect just the way I am. I do not need to live up to anyone else's standards or compare myself to the other "Pinterest" moms out there. I am learning everyday how to become a better mom, sometimes though, it is  through mistakes.
I recommend going to see Mom's Night Out, it is wholesome and funny, and I promise you will enjoy it. I hope you take away just as I did that God gave our children the mommies they needed. He personally chose you and me to raise these children to be like him and to bless our lives in the process.

So happy Mother's Day to all of my fellow mommies who need some encouragement, who need some support and who need to know that ...
Happy Mother's Day!

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